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I was born into the world of beauty. From the second I first opened my eyes and ears I was a part of this incredible world that has shaped my life in so many ways until this day. I grew up in a home full of my mom's coolest makeup products and I could go to my grandmothers to get a pedicure whenever I wanted. How cool, right? Oh and the best part was when I would go to my mom's job when she was teaching makeup and play around with the good makeup stuff. 

It was 12 years ago when I first learned of the permanent make up industry. My mother had decided to take a course and we didn't realize at that time how much that decision would change her life (and mine). Permanent make up was the talk of the house 24/7 and all around there were papers with eyebrows drawn on it. This world was very new and fascinating to us! 

Now fast forward to the present day. We own and operate a successful permanent makeup salon and an academy that specializes in all aspects of the industry. Hundreds of beautiful women and men have had their brows shaped, beautiful eyeliners created, and lips enhanced by my mother and sister.

For the past few years, my role has been to manage the academy and provide the best Customer Service and consultancy available (along with many other colorful hats in the day to day business), and the passion I have for this industry is phenomenal. My passion is to educate and genuinely support women and men in understanding the permanent makeup industry so that they can have the same positive experience as I have. The world of PMU is a jungle, and the best way to trust a PMU artist with your precious brows, eyes, or lips is to gain knowledge about the treatments and then choose the best artist for you.

Feel free to contact me via email: kristjana@gopermanent.com

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