What is Lip Blush and Why Is Everyone Obsessed?

November 9, 2023

In the evolving world of beauty, we continually see new techniques that enhance our confidence and simplify our daily routines. One such game changer rapidly gaining popularity is lip blush permanent makeup. 

Personally, I am obsessed with lip blush or any lip permanent makeup. I truly feel like it enhances the natural beauty of each individual, and you can ask for a pigment that looks so natural that it only enhances the shape of your lips. If you're interested in knowing more about this amazing procedure, you should continue reading. I will also share my experience of having my lip blush done, as well as give tips on how to choose the right permanent makeup artist. 

The lip blush procedure gives you fuller, blushed lips without having to apply lipstick or tinted gloss all the time. You also wake up so fresh, and for some, the lips will look a little bigger and more shaped. It's absolutely gorgeous when done correctly by a professional who uses the correct technique and pigments! 

Unfortunately, I have heard from many individuals that their procedure was painful or that no pigment was left, even after three appointments. Or what is even worse, when the treatment leaves permanent scarring or change in color. Thankfully, there is a way to avoid that, and the first rule is to choose a reputable salon and a highly qualified artist. 

What is Lip Blush?

Lip blush is the talk of the town in cosmetic tattooing these days, offering a semi-permanent solution to liven up your lips. Unlike traditional, often stark, lip tattoos, Lip Blush focuses on a subtle, natural look, giving your lips a consistent hint of color. Sounds amazing, right? It's a procedure that delicately enhances the shape and shade of your lips, giving them a touch of definition without any overwhelming drama, unless you love that and decide to choose a pigment with a dark color. Some women even go for dark or bright red. Its gorgeous!

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The Benefits of Lip Blush Permanent Makeup

Beyond its natural appeal, lip blush is so good for many reasons. First, imagine the money you'll save from not buying endless lip products. I am not saying you will stop buying lip products, but you feel less of a need to be reapplying all day long. Next, think of the convenience of waking up with perfect lips without scrambling through a makeup routine, especially on those hectic mornings. Going to the gym, beach, or swimming and looking good the whole time!

Lip blush is more than a procedure; it's an investment in yourself. It does give you this bit of confidence every time you glimpse your reflection, revealing lips that stay untouched through meals, workouts, and long workdays. Additionally, it's customizable to your preference, ensuring your lips represent the very essence of your personal beauty.

The Lip Blush Procedure: Step by Step

The lip blush journey is exciting, but knowing what it involves is crucial. It is quite the journey and an investment in your time! It starts with a comprehensive consultation to map out your desired lip shape and discuss color preferences, taking into account your unique features. After the consultation, the specialist sketches a precise outline, defining the area to tattoo.

The magic happens in the color selection, a careful process that matches the right shade to your natural lip color and skin tone.  Then comes the procedure: the artist implants the pigment into your lips with a digital machine and a needle. Although some might experience some discomfort, the technique and numbing creams make a difference, making the experience quite tolerable.

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Don't be concerned about the intense color right after the procedure; it is normal and will fade by about 50% as your lips heal, returning to the lovely shade you initially selected.

How to Prepare For Your Lip Blush Treatment? 

Preparing for your lip blush procedure can be crucial for optimal results. It is beneficial to scrub your lips a few days before removing all dead cells. Do not overdo it though; just use a wet towel and rub them, and then afterward use a very nourishing lip balm.

Avoid blood thinning substances like alcohol, caffeine, and aspirin for 24 to 48 hours before your appointment to minimize any bleeding. If you are used to getting cold sores, you need to discuss that with your artist beforehand. Sometimes they will advise you to take over the counter cold sore medication for some days before the treatment. 

Do not use any acid skin care that might affect or thin your skin around the area for 2 weeks prior to the treatment. This could be retinol, BHA, AHA for example. If you recently had any fillers done, let your artist know. 

Since certain medications and health conditions can affect the healing process, disclose your medical history to your technician beforehand. Finally, arrive with a clear idea of your desired outcome. Bring reference photos and prepare questions about shades and shapes, ensuring you and your technician are aligned with your beauty vision.

Can You Exercise After Your Lip Blush Treatment?

No, you will need to take a break from exercising for 7–14 days. It depends on what your artist will tell you. Your artist should provide you with a detailed home care plan. You can read more about exercising after your permanent makeup treatment here.

Healing and Aftercare After a Lip Blush Treatment

Patience is your friend during the 7–14-day healing period that follows. Embrace the aftercare routine, avoiding certain foods and activities that could irritate your lips. It's essential to keep the lips dry and clean, and by all means, resist the urge to pick at flakes that naturally occur as part of the healing process.

The longevity of your lip blush depends significantly on how you care for your lips post procedure. With proper maintenance, lip blush can last 2–5 years, fading gradually and beautifully with time (depending on individuals and life habits)

For the healing period, keep this in mind:

  • No heavy exercising where you are sweating or in a steamy room
  • No sunbathing
  • If you live in a sunny area, be extra careful
  • No swimming
  • No sauna
  • No touching your lips with your fingers
  • Use a clean straw for the first few days
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Use a clean pillowcase
  • Use the aftercare cream your artist will give you
  • Your permanent makeup artist will give you thorough instructions; just follow them and your results will be amazing

Potential Risks of Lip Blush

All beauty procedures involving skin rupture come with their fair share of risks, lip blush included. Minor side effects might include swelling or bruising, while more severe complications could involve infections or allergic reactions. Following the aftercare instructions dramatically minimizes these risks. If you do encounter any issues, seek immediate advice from your artist or a medical professional is very important! Some might experience a cold sore after the treatment, in that case speak to a pharmacist to get an over the counter. 

Does Lip Blushing Hurt? 

As mentioned, the artist should use a numbing cream. The pain depends on each individual. Its my experience that it should not be painful! Of course, it's not comfortable, but if you are in a lot of pain, something is definitely wrong. This can be too much pressure, the artist penetrating too deep into the skin, or bad products. 

What I have also seen is that some artists do way too much trauma to the lips with performing many rounds of inserting pigment. Better to build up the color slowly in more sessions than to try and fill your lips with pigment in the first session. Too much work can lead to scarring and more scabbing. 

Can You Get Lip Blush If Your Lips Are Dry and Flaky?

No, you should not get lip blush if your lips are really dry. That can burn and be painful, and the healing will not be good. In most cases, all pigment will wear off during the healing process. Make sure to nourish your lips before your treatment and drink a lot of fluid. 

Can You Get Lip Blush If You Are Prone To Get Cold Sores?

Undergoing a lip blush procedure with active cold sores can significantly complicate the process and healing. Cold sores, caused by the herpes simplex virus, can spread due to the needlework involved, potentially causing new sores and exacerbating the infection. The trauma from the tattooing process can trigger a flare up, leading to discomfort, delayed healing, or uneven pigmentation. Importantly, the virus could potentially contaminate the tattoo equipment, posing a health risk. If you're prone to cold sores, inform your technician in advance. They may advise a course of antiviral medication before and after the procedure to minimize risks and ensure safe, beautiful results.

What is The Average Price of Lip Blush? 

Investing in lip blush involves a bit of financial consideration; it's not cheap. The initial cost, influenced by your technician's experience, location, and the specific demands of your procedure, pays off over time. Remember, you're not just paying for a service; you're investing in expertise, quality pigments, and the right equipment.

Always choose the best artist you can find.

You also need to keep this in mind and ask if the whole procedure is included in the price. You will need at least two sessions, sometimes three. 

Price can range from $500 to $2,000 depending on the artist. Just do your research and also double check what is included. Also look at how much the touch up would cost when you return in a couple of years or so. 

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How Long does Lip Blush Last?

How long lip blush lasts depends on many factors. 

  • Pigments used
  • Life habits
  • A lot of sunlight exposure
  • Color of pigment used
  • Experience of permanent makeup artist
  • How well you follow the aftercare process
  • Age (older women tend to have drier skin so it lasts longer)
  • Certain medications

There could be other factors as well. Your artist should be able to give you personalized assessment. 

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My Personal Experience With Lip Blushing

I LOVE lip blush. I can't recommend it enough. It really shaped my lips into a more beautiful shape in a natural way. I only have good experience and have never had any issues. Obviously, I have had to get a touch up a couple of times, but now I only need one touch up session and I look fabulous! If you are thinking about it, I say go for it.  

Your artist should preferably be a licensed professional with a solid portfolio and good client reviews. Don't shy away from asking about their experience, how they handle complications, and the extent of their training. Your lips deserve the best, and part of that is ensuring you're in hands that prioritize your health, safety, and desired aesthetic.

Happy lip blushing! 

(Disclaimer: The content in this article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.)

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