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Olga is extremely talented. I drive from Austin to see her because she is the epitome of professionalism. She takes her time in properly setting my brow outline before she starts the permanent work. I’m confident in her abilities and have enjoyed the service she has provided. Without hesitation I would recommend her for brow work. I have not doubt she is skilled at all the services she provides. Highly recommend her.

kim Westbury

Olga is perfection! So happy I went to her. She made me feel so comfortable and my eyebrows look AMAZING! She took such great care of my mom & I. We love Olga. I can’t even tell where my real brows are because it looks so natural and blends so beautifully. Thank you so much. I would recommend everyone to her.

Rachael Rabago

First time eyebrow gal here. I chose to come here after reading all the amazing reviews about Olga, and boy does she live up to the hype! I had no idea what I was getting into- she took her time with me, explained things in a way I could understand, and helped me choose micro blading vs. powder brows. I’ll be honest, as a first-timer I was so scared of the outcome. But I am THRILLED with my new brows! She did a fantastic job and exceeded all expectations I had. If you’re thinking about getting your brows done- stop your search now and go see Olga! Also, she is super nice, sweet and professional as well. It made the overall experience wonderful!

Sara Gayford

I cannot say enough great things about this brow studio or about Olga. I was nervous to get my brows done but after doing a lot if research I knew Olga would be the right artist for me. The salon is clean and well kept and Olga is a true master. She was meticulous about mapping my brows and showing me the progress of my brows after each pass. While the first session didn't take well on my skin (no fault of hers at all, I just have very oily skin), the second session did and I could not be happier. I am so grateful to Olga for her beautiful work and for making my day to day makeup routine so much easier! If you are considering getting powder brows or microblading, definitely go to beauty and brows and definitely work with Olga!

Teresa Phin
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