Best Brows Microblading Beauty Clinique

Best Brows Microblading Beauty Clinique

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I had a fantastic experience getting my eyebrows done here! I have naturally light hair and very light colored eyebrows. I wanted to wake up with eyebrows! My microblading looks so natural! I went back today because there was a small area on one eyebrow where the tattoo didn’t hold. They kindly fixed it for me quickly and told me to reach out if I ever have any issues! I appreciate their customer service. I will say the color fades significantly so if you’re looking for a more dramatic color, go darker than you think!

Jaclyn Johnson

5 Stars All The Way!! I am a very picky girl. With an eccentric perspective, I can be quite judgmental. I must say without a doubt that Beauty Clinique is my one and only place!! I am a brow client. My natural red hair keeps my hair light and unnoticed. With my new Ombré Brows, I never have to worry if I have an expression on my face. Thank You Beauty Clinique!!!!

Lady Scarlett’s Healing

Very Professional environment. I Love my brows they're neat and natural looking. The Techs are are very knowledgeable and nice. I definitely recommend this establishment.

Michelle Brooks

Sari did great love my brows. I was worried it would hurt a bit, but didn't feel anything. Healing up very nicely. Thank you

Kathie Kitchen

As the founders of Beauty Clinique, our principles are that the essential glow of beauty must come from with in and that every guest who visits should leave looking rejuvenated. When things get stressful and hectic, it's important to take time for yourself. At Beauty Clinique, get ready to leave your old you behind and enjoy being renew with our Permanent Makeup Procedures.

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