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Masha is wonderful, on my first visit she was very thorough in explaining things verbally and showing me my options for my eyebrows. She explained mapping process and eyebrow shapes and shades. She really made me feel comfortable. It was my first time getting this procedure so I was nervous at first but she put me at ease and when she was done I was very happy with her work. She is truly a artist. I asked for a more natural look and she delivered. I went back a few weeks later for my touch up and I love my new eyebrows. I highly recommend her.

Michelle Bruce

I’ve been seeing Mahsa for years now, originally to microblade my brows and now just for touch ups, but she is the BEST! I have sent all my friends to her, and her new studio is adorable, clean, and so relaxing.

Alexa Martin

Mahsa did a wonderful job micro blading my eyebrows. She helped me figure out the right look and made sure that every stroke was perfect. She also made the experience calming and enjoyable! My new brows are amazing. 10/10 recommend!

Alex Mulhall

I accidentally came across this business on a visit to get my parking permits! What an amazing stroke of luck! Due to my busy schedule I had not gotten around to booking my brow tint and shaping, so I took a chance, knocked on the door of this lovely looking brow and beauty business which I passed on foot after parking. An absolutely charming woman invited me in and did a flawless shaping and cleaning of my brows by use of threading, no wax! When it came to the tinting, she asked me if I ever tried Microblading, to which I responded “yes! And never again!” I had tried this two different times, and both of these experiences were both painful, unsuccessful, and left my skin with a pinkish tin all around and in my brows. It had become the bane of my existence to get up and have to cover this unwanted color with brow powder every single day, and the brow still was not lovely at all. The pain, both times, was absolutely horrible. I was adamant that I’d never go near this again. The woman (Farrah) let me know that she absolutely promised I would have a completely opposite experience if I would consider seeing their main expert, Maya. I looked into her face and felt an honesty and sincerity, so I agreed to meet Maya, and waited about 45 minutes for a consultation with her. I was so surprised at my own self, but somehow I knew it was the right thing to do. Maya was equally sincere and knew her business very well, and even let me know she could “camouflage “ the peak in one brow left there by one of the other two less competent operators. I made an appointment, came back in a week, and could not believe my results! I never expected this much of a change, but she fixed every issue and gave me a beautiful and natural shape that made me look current and younger. And…no more pink!! Today I am here for the threading for brows, and Farrah did my entire face, totally softening the look of my skin. Just incredible. It was my lucky day that I found that parking spot which took me right past the window. I drive all the way from Miracle Mile and it’s well worth the trip. A beautiful environment away from the trendy, yet so up to date and beyond. This is my first google review ever, but this was worth the effort and minutes I’ve spent waiting. They certainly deserved it!

Betsy Parker

Welcome to Beverly Microblading & Training Center!

Beverly Microblading & Training Center was founded in 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

At Beverly Microblading Center we focus on the best customer experience, health, and beauty in luxury and peaceful salon.

Farah Bahaelou is Founder of Beverly Microblading Center. She has been performing permanent makeup for +27 years. She was one of the 10 top Of first PMU artists in IRAN. After moving to USA, she started working as an instructor at one of the top cosmetic schools in LA for 3 years .— Farah Bahaelou.
Mahsa Bahaelou is the CEOs of Beverly Microblading Center.She is working full time over 8 years in Microblading and PMU skill. More than 10 years of experience performing Permanent Make Up has earned her great skills with in PMU field for example: Microblading-3D Brows, Nano Needling, Lash Liner, Eyeliner, Scalp Pigmentation, Powder-Ombre, Lip Blushing, Scar Camouflage,Fibroblast. Mahsa was one of the top Craft Master Artists at Elite Training Center with over 6 years of work experience of Teaching and working. She is also working with one of the top Luxury spas (Sally’s Wellness & Beauty) in California for past 5 years. — Mahsa Bahaelou
Jasmine Gail Maphumulo is a completely self taught makeup artist who landed her first professional makeup job with MAC at the age of 19. She quickly climbed the ladder and eased through trainings and certifications within the company. Jasmine has worked with other brands such as Estée Lauder, Lancôme and Beth Bender beauty. Her work has been featured on Seventeen Magazine and cosmopolitan magazine websites. She has a passion for making women feel their most beautiful and powerful through the art of makeup— Jasmine Gail

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Kristjana has years of experience as a Customer Success and Marketing Manager in the Permanent Makeup industry. Her passion is to share information in a simple way in order to assist everyone in making well informed decisions about which treatment and PMU Artist to choose.