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Brows by LC

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I’m so incredibly happy with my eyebrows and the entire experience with LC. Communication before the appointment was great. On the day of LC was such a pleasure. She was kind, friendly and walked me through every step before she did anything. She asked my opinion at every turn, advised me based on other clients with similar skin. And most importantly the results when I tell you day and night I mean it. I thought I had nice eyebrows but now I have spectacular eyebrows!! I’m so happy I made this investment in myself. If you’re on the fence, take the leap and you’ll be so happy you did.

Adriana Armstrong

Lisa is AMAZING! Very meticulous, kind and patience. Her work and her professional personality and very personable. She made me feel so confident and pretty after my session! Truly grateful to find her to have my eyebrows done by. You will not be disappointed; she took her time mapping everything it out and making sure not only did I love it but that it was perfect as well; never felt rushed at all. Best investment of all time.

Helen Tran

Highly recommend!! I am so happy with my Ombre eyebrows. She's very good at what she does and is patient, kind, and meticulously. She explained the entire process and made me feel at ease during the procedure (my pain tolerance is low). If you're looking for incredible eyebrows and a technician who does wonders, Lisa is the person to go to!

Sophia Cheng

"The experience was amazing from beginning to end. Lisa was extremely welcoming from setting up my vip appointment to suit my crazy schedule, to making me feel at ease when it was time to get my eyebrows done. Lisa also helped me make the right decision since I came in with one idea and look in my head, but she suggested another and being that I paid to trust her professional opinion, she definitely did not disappoint. I love my ombré eyebrows on my semi oily skin. and As soon as I left the appointment I got so many comments about how good they look. People now say I look so different in a good way but they can’t pinpoint what it i.s. I can’t wait to return for my touch up in 6-8 weeks and then again in a year or two because I have found my new eyebrows professional artist."

Kisha Dre’
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