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Ellebrow Microblading

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This review was long overdue. I was nervous initially to get my sparse brows done. But Cartoon did a fantastic job. She was professional and meticulous. I can tell that she was very passionate in what she does. Cartoon took care of me during my initial session and then the perfecting appointment. It's been 9 months since my last session but my brows still looks flawless. I am glad that Cartoon recommended more microshading during my perfecting session since it made my brows look fuller and long lasting. I will be returning for sure.

Sweet Pea

The experience was lovely, as relaxing as possible for a tattoo. She was extremely attentive to both what you wanted and reducing discomfort. I also am thrilled with the results, which is the most important part to me!

Liza Comart

I chose to get microshading here because they had the best photos online. I traveled some distance to come here but it was worth it! I am happy with the work and it looks very natural. She really took the time to make my brows turn out amazing.

Kevalin Thammasut

Delighted by your excellent attention and care, Thank you very much

Anibelkis Cruz

We specialize in creating natural, realistic looking eyebrows that you can wake up with every day, with no fuss or effort on your part.

We provide a personalized "boutique" service where the focus is completely on you. We do our best to assure that you won't feel rushed or hurried as we take as much time as needed to ensure that you get the best possible result. We perform our craft in a warm & welcoming office studio conveniently located on the east side of midtown Manhattan (nestled in-between the U.N. and Sutton Place neighborhood.) While much of our clientele is from the tri-state area, we are proud to be able to host an international roster of clients that hail from the far reaches of the globe.

Most microblading appointments take about 3 hours on average from start to finish. When you first arrive, we will talk about your existing eyebrows and what you hope to achieve. We will first focus on the desired shape. Our artist has a background as a professional makeup artist and she will offer advice on what she feels might work best for your features and your face, however you will have the final say on everything.

The design will be pre-drawn on your face. We will take a good look and redraw or make adjustments as necessary until you are 100% satisfied with how the drawing looks. We will spend as much time as necessary at this stage to make sure that we are working towards a result that will please you. We will go over and look at color tone/shade options. Once our design is to your satisfaction and you give the final approval, numbing cream will be applied and you will relax for a bit while it takes effect.

The procedure itself takes thirty to forty-five minutes. After the procedure, you will be given oral and written after-care instructions and information about a perfecting session, which is usually done thirty to ninety days after the initial procedure.

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