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I've always struggled with my eyebrows, because one side is much higher than the other side (because my brow bone/muscle is higher) and the natural shape is also different. But Vivian Ye seems to have found a happy medium for both my brows.... I think they look good both individually and together... which is really difficult task to achieve! My brows are a bit thicker than before... but it was probably the only way to achieve the balance I wanted. My brows now have a nice gentle curve to them that Vivian designed. I can't wait to see how they look once everything is healed. Vivian also made sure to put enough numbing cream throughout the 2-hour session to ensure that I didn't feel any pain. It was a great experience!

Kitty Tso

I was a training model at this location and had my initial service with Anna who now works in Chicago and she was amazing. She took my overplucked eyebrows and reshaped my face. After 6 weeks, I went back in for my perfecting session with Vivian and she knocked it out of the park. I know have the thick luscious brows of my youth and I'm incredibly grateful for their knowledge and expertise. They are worth every penny. If you are wondering if this is for you, it is!

Franchesca Perez

I would steer clear of this place. I got my micro blade done end of last August and I advised Judy I had oily skin. She told me not to worry. Without informing me, she also shaved half my eyebrow, which I didn’t know until I got home. After the initial session I noticed almost none of the color had stuck despite sticking to the aftercare routine religiously. Again I was told not to worry that the touch up session would correct this. I had the second session in early October and after less than 2 months they started to disappear, despite once again sticking to the aftercare routine. Now here we are in March and they are completely gone and worse than ever because she had shaved half the brow. I spent a thousand dollars on this service and was never informed that my skin type would not work with this service which numerous salons have now told me only the ombré powder had the potential to work on oily skin. I should have researched better but I never thought to look up based on my skin type. She knew this and did it anyway to essentially steal my money and disfigure how I look in the process. If you have oily skin beware and pray they don’t shave you. Now I have to find a new salon and spend more money to try and correct this mess.

jillian minore

Shirley is the best artist. She helped me with my hairline and I’m 100% satisfied with the results. She’s very talented and knows exactly the way to customize based on my needs. I would recommend her to anyone doing eyebrow or hairline!

Lan Zhou

Founded in 2015 by Harvard Business School graduate and former L'Oreal executive Ramon Padilla, EverTrue Microblading Salon brings the most advanced microblading techniques and technologies to NYC. Our ground-breaking treatments--the Bespoke Brow, Eyeliner Perfection, True Lip Color, Hairline Rescue, and Areola & Nipple Tattoos-- are game-changers in the world of beauty.

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