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5 E 57th St floor 11, New York, NY 10022, USA
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Great place! I went there to do touch-ups for my eyebrows. Everything was clean and nice. Oksana my master was professional and did my brows so well. She chooses the perfect color to match my hair. I will go back for sure to this place. The location is great as well.

Marina Orlova

I had such an amazing experience at eye design! I went to get my lips done and the results are amazing, I went for the natural look and it looks great. Nadia and her team were amazing and they make you feel welcome and very comfortable during the whole process! I definitely recommend coming to this place if you want a perfect lip shade and you want a job well done. I feel and I look fabulous thank you so much Eye Design !

Genesis Alicea

I had my Eyebrows done by Mona. She’s very good she asks you what you are looking for and she will comment on the different services and how long they last how to take care of them after the procedure. She explains what she’s going to do. No surprises you get what you ask for. Also the location is so beautiful and inviting even the bathroom is beautiful . Then I had Roxanna for the Eyelashes. She is also very good. she too asks what your looking for in lashes. she explains to you. What you’ll get and how to care for your lashes I’m a very satisfied customer. The girls are very nice and friendly. Even the girl at the front desk Im sorry I didn’t get her name. You get greeted with a big smile. she’s very nice very pleasant to talk to. You feel welcomed. I will continue going there. . Cause sometimes you just have to pamper yourself. In this hectic world we are living in now. and in there you forget about everything.


"Pros: beautiful/clean facility, quality lashes, professional Cons: questionable sanitary measures, overall expertise I am conflicted when writing this review, because I want to support individual and local businesses. I felt inclined to write because Eye Design requested a review after my visit. Unfortunately, my experience was not great; it is the second day and my eyes still burn. It is so unusual, I never had this issue before. I was in such discomfort with spurts of pain throughout the entire process, my eyelid pretty much glued shut, technician combing my eyelid and lashes with nongloved finger nails, probably causing a scratched cornea because I felt the pressure of her nail and tape slightly against my eyeball. My technician was sweet, but panicked during the service, causing me to panic too. I was disappointed that they do not practice covid precautions, especially when working directly face to face. I went to Eye Design because their social media show *gloved fingers* providing service. When you see these photos, you feel comfort knowing they are sanitary. My technician did not wear gloves and had over the skin length nails. Who knows if she washed her hands prior. I should've expressed my concern, but I figure this was Eye Design! Reknown facility, nothing should go wrong. Well, my eyes still burn and the lashes at the end of my right eye look like its weighing my eye down. Seriously not worth the pain. I am hoping the burning sensation goes away on the 3rd day. Please, Eye Design, value your patrons and heed your customer service and integrity: ensure your staff wear gloves and masks when they are working directly on the eyes. It is one of the most sensitive body parts, prone to bacterial infections like staph and conjunctivitis, which can be EASILY prevented when using sanitary measures and gloves!"

Mel Tina
  • Permanent makeup & lash extensions expert
  • Author of Kim’s Effect, a globally recognized technique for eyelash extensions
  • Author of unique lash styles, microblading and Powder Effect training programs
  • First-place winner at multiple Russian lash competitions
  • Speaker at the first U.S. lash conference
  • Judge at the first & second U.S. lash competition
  • Licensed cosmetologist in New York and California
  • Licensed tattoo artist New York State

Celebrity clients: Sandra Oh (actress), Sonja Morgan (reality television star), the Lohan Family, Carla Pennington (television producer), Christie Dickinson (mother of YouTube star James Charles), Aino Jawo (musician, icona POP), Sasha Meneghel Szafir (Brazilian model & actress), Simone I. Smith (wife to LL Cool J), Magic Johnson’s family, Zhanar Dugolova (musician), Yulia Zagoruychenko (9-time world champion dancer) and others, whose identities are kept confidential under NDA.

As seen in: Vogue, Allure, Shape, InStyle, People, Women’sDay, NewBeauty, Garzia, Vice, Fox TV

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Kristjana has years of experience as a Customer Success and Marketing Manager in the Permanent Makeup industry. Her passion is to share information in a simple way in order to assist everyone in making well informed decisions about which treatment and PMU Artist to choose.