Eyebrows LA by Ana Rouche Permanent make up Studio

Eyebrows LA by Ana Rouche Permanent make up Studio

369 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles
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Ana is the best in the business! Her technique is SO natural and she completely revamped my eyebrows! My eyebrows have always been thin but she gave them an incredible shape and thickness. She also patched up some bald spots - I can toss my eyebrow pencil now! 🙂 It’s crazy how much of an impact eyebrows can have on your face - and you really see it in Ana’s work. I live in SF and I fly to LA to get my eyebrows done by her - that’s how good she is! She’s super sweet and professional too! 10/10 RECOMMEND!!!!

Sanaz Tahernia

I want to thank Eyebrows LA for this amazing course that I took. And a special thank you to their technician Ana Rouche. I learned a lot during our four-day course. I appreciate Ana’s patience and creativity. I find her technique unique and very easy to learn. I would recommend her classes to everyone who is looking to start a new career. Very satisfied. I highly recommend it.

Tetiana Brown

I recently took Ana’s microblading class and I just want to thank her for it. I really enjoyed those 4 days of of theory and practice. I have been already doing permanent makeup. And this would be an amazing addition to my knowledge and successful career🫶🏻

Yulia Valerie

I have recently got my eyebrows done and I took a class with Ana. I came all the way from London to do so. And I am so happy. I just want to shout out to those who are looking for a professional technician and a mentor! Good luck everyone

Yana Asriyan

Ana Rouche  is the founder of EYEBROWS LA

I want to tell you short story about myself and my career…My name is Anastasia Benarrouche. I am originally from Ukraine. Growing up, my only passion was drawing. Drawing  clothes and people’s faces. Even as a little girl I remember myself being obsessed with beauty and fashion.

When I came to Los Angeles I was in school to become a fashion designer.  I worked in a fashion industry for a quite some time, but after having a baby girl Mila I had to stay home for a few years. in 2016 when my daughter was 3 thats when I decided to become a PMU expert and eyebrow magician.

Now eyebrows is my passion. There is no better reward for me than to see my clients happy and satisfied. It is such a pleasure  to know that I can put a smile on someone’s face or make them be more confident about themselves. Beauty is an art. and art is the eyebrows…

                                                                                                                 … Ana Rouch

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