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First of all Alice is a very sweet and professional lady. She gives off positive energy, that's addicting. After a few minutes of speaking with her, I felt like I knew her forever. I had microshading done with her, and she explained everything single step in detail with me. I honestly didn't even feel her working on me, through our conversation she made me feel at ease. Before I knew it she was done. Her hand was so light, I didn't feel anything at all. I'm considering other services with her. Thanks Alice!!! .

Leticia Mendoza

I had eyebrows done 2 days ago and they were done horribly and not how I asked. I asked for a refund and was lied to, given excuses and Alice tried to make it sound like my fault. Instead of doing the right thing, she blocked me and deleted one of her pages on Facebook so no one can see my review. I will have to pay for lazer removal because the eyebrows were done so badly, the least Alice could have done was refund my $200. Very unethical. This is a nightmare and she does not seem to care the slightest bit.

Shannon Erickson

I had my eyebrows done with Alice and I couldn’t be happier. She’s very professional and explains the whole process to you. I love my eyebrows and have gotten a lot of compliments on them. Definitely recommend her.

Celia Araujo

The worst experience I ever had with Alice . less professional and so unorganized. I had my first session with her on October of last year and charged me $450 cash. 4-8 weeks after I had to get my second session $125 cash for my touch up where she was so unorganized that she was making my appointment and confirming it but never showed up. Finally she gave me an appointment for my touch up. on my second session she told me that if I needed 3rd session it would be on her with no charge becaise she wasted my time going back and forth, but it never happened. she is so unorganized and can't show up on her clients appointment because she only works for MONEY. Now my eyebrows they're not the same shape and same with my eyeliners and I would NEVER trust finding a place like Alice on Facebook anymore.

Sherry Gh
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