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"I have been looking for a place to redo my eyebrows that I had previously done. I found Lash Eyeland and came upon how much experience and reviews Annie had on her website and her Yelp page. Initially I was skeptical since there were many places, city and queens that offer the microblading services. But something stood out at this studio. I did my massive research on different styles Annie had done or the styles were repetitive. I had done my eyebrows elsewhere 10 years ago and they were still EXTREMELY TOO DARK and they weren't even the same!! It was driving me insane for the past 10+ years and they changed to a greyish bluish color which drove me more insane. I stumbled upon Lash Eyeland and the artist Annie and read how welcoming and warm their customer service was. I got in contact with their lovely receptionist Jennifer who was warm enough to explain the instructions on how to make the appointments, how the pigments differences were comparted to what they use to use in prior years. I was confident I have found the place to get my brows redone. Followed the instructions on the precare information before coming into the service, I was told exactly what they were to do before taking action. That's what I love about this place. They put you at ease and make you feel comfortable and know how to take care of you. After the numbing and cleaning were finished, Annie, the artist, explained she would have to lighten my brows before applying the ""new"" eyebrows since my previous eyebrows were too dark and grey. So she did a ""cover-up"" session to lighten the eyebrows with a skin-like color that way when she were to design my ""new"" brows, it would have more defined lines and shape. Truthfully, the cover-up session did hurt and was a bit painful but what can you say, no pain no gain. Gotta have some pain to be beautiful!! After the cover-up session was over, then came the designing. Annie was very technical and precise with the measurements and length that way it would match up as much as possible. After her designing, she would show me the design from what my previous structure was and I was able to change a bit to go thick in some areas and thinner on others. When we have finally found the right shape, length and thickness for my face, she told me she would begin the microblading session. Was a bit nervous but it wasn't as bad. The cover-up session pain was inevitable since she was lightening the area with skin-like color but the microblading, couldn't feel a thing!! Well maybe I lied a bit, just on the high points of my face tingled a bit but THAT WAS ALL THE PAIN FROM MICROBLADING! I was amazed on how it went. I practically fell asleep halfway in since I didn't feel it. After the session was over, Annie had showed me the mirror to discover my new brows. I was absolutely in love with them. The color was great, the definition of how detailed the strokes of hairs were phenomenal! I couldn't ask for a better artist to re-shape and REDO my brows!! Jennifer, the receptionist, was careful on explaining the aftercare of the brow since it was suppose to scab during the healing process. That was no big deal with me since tattoos and scraps tend to scab and peel and heal in a manner. Overall, they were wonderful! Great people, great atmosphere and great customer service. If anyone is looking for a place of comfort and satisfaction, I recommending Annie and her crew at Lash Eyeland. I voucher for their work! They are great and AMAZING! Thank you so very much Annie for my great brows! It changed how people look at me now!! Thank you again!!"

Mee Won Sim

I’ve had microblading several times before and this place is the best. Annie knows what shape and color would look good on me. I’ve had so many compliments from people thinking my eyebrows were natural….I seriously have no eyebrows lol. Annie is great and I’ve gone back for touch ups with her over the years. Sun exposure fades them overtime so be sure to use sunscreen after you’re done healing.

Nancy Suen

Annie is the best!! This is my first permanent makeup experience and she has definitely set the bar high. My eyeliner tattoo looks amazing and has healed so well. She was able to tattoo close to my lash line so there is no gap and it looks so good. I will say that I am in my 30s and stay out of the sun so my healing process went very smoothly. I would definitely recommend her to everyone who wants their eyeliner tattooed!

Ivy Chang

I was in a car accident a few years ago. Got a nasty scar close to my left eye. A friend suggested Lasheyeland to have tattoo eyeliner to help cover it up (been self conscious about the scar for ever). I cannot believe how incredible the outcome has been! I think the artist's name was Annie, something like that, and she was amazing!!!! Not only is my scar barely visible but the permanent eyeliner work itself is gorgeous. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Maureen Hanna McLean

Annie’s true passion began with her love for art. Her career launched with makeup artistry, followed by private clients and requests worldwide. She is an artist at heart and expanded her talents in NYC. Where she trained from the best. From here, she has now dedicated her work specializing in cosmetic tattoo and lash extensions since 2008.Lash Eyeland opened their doors in July 2014 where one can unwind in an intimate and private environment. Annie’s experience as an artist has allowed her to have the detailed eye that goes into her work. She customizes the needs for every face shape, lifestyle, and most importantly feeling beautiful. Highest quality of products are used for every fabulous customer that sets foot through those doors! Her passion, love and commitment to all her clients make it an amazing experience.

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Kristjana has years of experience as a Customer Success and Marketing Manager in the Permanent Makeup industry. Her passion is to share information in a simple way in order to assist everyone in making well informed decisions about which treatment and PMU Artist to choose.