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I was thinking of micro blading for a long time and found Lasting Touch online. I looked at the photos and really loved the work then contacted Anna and she sounded very sweet. My experience was pleasant, Anna introduced me to ombré brow and I came for a touch up 5 weeks later. Since I work as a trainer and sweat a lot, permanent brows is a great solution! Anna pays attention to details and gives you a step by step guide with all the necessary things to take care of your brows for the first two weeks. Highly recommend this master!

Anastasiia Aslanidi

Anna was tremendous from the start of my lip blush appointment to the conclusion. Her workspace is calming, bright, and clean, which is always appreciated. As soon as I walked in and signed my consent form, she started examining my mouth and explaining the various types of colors and color blends. It was great to know the procedure would be fully customized to my look and needs. She helped me set expectations, too, and explained why she was recommending a brighter color than what I initially suggested. She turned out to be absolutely right; the color faded beautifully and looks so natural! The procedure itself was simple and stress-free. I’ve had other types of permanent makeup before and with other practitioners, I found the process pretty painful. Anna was so careful and took her time numbing my lips, so I barely felt it. She was fastidious and went over each section of my mouth carefully until it was just perfect. She explained my aftercare in detail, provided me with A+D ointment, and has followed up in the two weeks since my appointment to make sure I’m healing well and satisfied — which I absolutely am! She does the best lip blush in NYC, for sure. Attached are photos of my lips the day of my service, the day after, and one week later.

Lindsey Ellefson

Anna is amazing!! She really takes the time to explain the whole process and map your bows to ensure it’s symmetrical. My brows are now twins and fit me better with the darker color and elongated tails. I highly recommend you see her, you’ll feel beautiful after your visits !!!

Liz Blasko

If you’re looking to get lip color tattoo done in NYC, I highly recommend Anna! She is a thorough professional. She took her time explaining the process and helping me pick out the color that would best suit my skin tone. The studio is clean and Anna showed me the new needle she was going to use on my lips. Keep in mind the needles do sting a little bit even with numbing cream but overall I’m very happy with the outcome. The lip color looks good and natural!

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