Microblading San Antonio

Microblading San Antonio

8006 West Ave #1, Castle Hills, TX 78213, USA
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I did my research and contacted a few other Microblading places, but Ambar got me locked in when she provided me with a very detailed consultation. She is very professional and knowledgeable in her craft. I was impressed that she took her time to get to know my face and expressions to customize MY brows. I have only done the first session and have already received many compliments. She is just that amazing! I am looking forward to returning to her for my touch up and future services.

Antoine Thompson

Ambar is the consummate professional! And her work is exceptional! If you want your brows done right the first time, I highly recommend Microblading San Antonio. Love ❤️ my brows!!!

Jacqueline Jones

Such a great experience! Naturally I have very sparse eyebrows. Ambar changed that for me. I absolutely love my full and perfectly shaped brows. Best investment I have made for myself in a very long time!!!!

Genevieve Miles

I must say I was somewhat reluctant to do this procedure. I researched extensively, after reading the reviews and looking at her work, I did a consultation with Ambar. I was put at ease with her knowledge and professionalism. I am thrilled with my micropowdered eyebrows! I had next to nothing eyebrows. She chose the right pigmentation that suited my hair and skin. They look natural and the right size for my face. I would highly recommend Ambar!

Linda Boatright

With nearly 5 years of experience, Ambar specializes in hair strokes, powder brows, and cover ups. Currently, the Master Trainer at PMU Essentials Academy where she's teaching multiple shading techniques and "machine theory".

Ambar has surpassed the average artist and is always seeking new ideas and techniques from around the world which is why all of her certifications have come from all over Europe and Asia.

Before booking an appointment, please ask her or any artist you're considering for their "healed results". Beautiful healed results is a true test of what an artist work looks like over time. She loves each and every one of her clients and wants everyone to LOVE their brows as much as she does!

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Kristjana has years of experience as a Customer Success and Marketing Manager in the Permanent Makeup industry. Her passion is to share information in a simple way in order to assist everyone in making well informed decisions about which treatment and PMU Artist to choose.