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This class was simply amazing, Mish is very knowledgeable about this craft. With her teaching and me putting what I was taught to practice I believe I will be very good at this. Thanks to her and Carmen. It was well worth it. All the best ladies, you’ll definitely see me again 🥰🫶🏽,


I’ve had the best experience training with Carmen. She went through all the necessary details that I should know and didn’t know from previous training. I’m so much confident with this new skill and looking forward to start this new and exciting chapter. Definitely coming back to do more training !!! 🙌🏼 Great job team Mish!

shauna hall

I love LOVE my new eyebrows. Mish is amazing and wonderful. She really knows what she is doing!! I highly recommend coming here. They are very professional and I have enjoyed my experience so far.

Marlene Garcia

I went to the 3 day Brow Course and au traveled all the way from Utica, NY for this class… it was worth every cent and worth the entire 4 hour drive! Mish and Carmen were helpful, informative, VERY hands on with learning, and made this industry feel less intimidating and scary!! This was a super fun experience and if I ever plan on doing this over again to refresh my memory… I’m coming back to Mish Aesthetics. Thank you so much for everything!

Zoe Scialdone

Hi!  I’m Mish and this is the opportunity that I saw back in 2017 when I completed my training and decided to start living life on my own terms. It was scary at first because I didn’t know anybody in the industry, I didn’t have any previous experience and I never had a business before.

Today, Mish Aesthetics is the one of the top rated Permanent Makeup Studios for eyebrows in Manhattan in New Y0rk City.

By growing my business and training academy it has given me the opportunity to be free, do what I’m passionate about and live life on my own term. I sincerely believe that this is something that anyone can achieve if they put hard work into learning this skill. It is a fun and creative industry that I never saw myself getting into but am so glad I did!

I would love to start you on this path and share my journey with you! We have had many successful students and you could be one of them.

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Kristjana has years of experience as a Customer Success and Marketing Manager in the Permanent Makeup industry. Her passion is to share information in a simple way in order to assist everyone in making well informed decisions about which treatment and PMU Artist to choose.