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The facial was barely adequate, no major issues but so far below 'fine' I felt obligated to leave a review about the experience. A bit rushed, no finesse, even for the reduced price wouldn't recommend. It's also a tiny space, with *zero* privacy in between beds, worse than a changing room curtain. Then I was informed there is a 'minimum forced gratuity' ... Right. Honestly there are just so many better places in the same price range, I'd avoid this place

Lizzie Merrill

I was recommended by a friend to come to NiceBrow for brows shaping as she was very particular with her brows. My specialist, May, was very detailed oriented and professional and did my brows perfectly. The atmosphere is very modern and comfortable. Their prices are very reasonable. Overall, I had a great experience and will definitely go back. This place is a gem for those looking for beauty salon in Lower East Side.

Rosittaa Givoanni

Amazing service! This place is very nice and relaxing. I did the microblading 2 years ago and my brows still look so nice and natural! Thank you May for the excellent work! That's life changing after I had the microblading for my brows. It saves me lot of time in the morning, and more importantly, my brows still look amazing after swimming! Highly recommend this place to everyone! no kidding, I don't usually rate any business, but I am very happy with the service Nice Brow provides!

Li Chan

Best brow wax for the best price! May was amazing and so nice. They take the time to mark out the shape of your brow and really follow directions if you’re specific about your brows. You also lay down which I think is always better!

Avery Tallman

NiceBrow's microblading methods were originated around the 19th century in China. By 2010, these methods had rapidly became very popular in East Asia and Europe. As the techniques had matured over the years, it had undergone many enhancements and had deemed safe and sounded. We believed that this approach is going to transform the entire cosmetic industry, the same way that had transformed the retail industry.

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