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I booked an appointment and was on time but had trouble finding the place. GPS map said it’s located in Walgreens on the first floor but to no avail. I had a 10am appointment today 3/21/22. She picked up with an attitude and accused me of lying stating that she sent a text message with the appt date time and address of the place which I never received. I could not believe that she accused me of lying about not knowing where this establishment is. We continued to exchange words because she was not taking any accountability for her unprofessionalism. I have never in my life experienced such a distasteful and disgruntle person that wants your business but accuses you of lying, uses profanity and doesn’t take accountability. She said she doesn’t give a **** about what is going on in my life and I am still grieving from losing family members due to Covid-19. I am going to make it my business to report her and tell everyone I know to never go there. She is volatile, classless, makes accusations, lies and is disconnected emotionally to continue to lash out on me but yet wants my business.

Valerie Alverio

Before I went to Audi’s place I had no eyebrows. Now I have a beautiful eyebrows and feel like a queen. Audi is a perfectionists and she did an incredible job. I highly recommend her place. Only place I will go from now on. Thank you

Denisa Fridrichova

I was referred to NYC Microblading Center by a good friend of mine, and I am glad that I made an appointment. I was a bit apprehensive about the whole process but Audi reassured me and made me feel very comfortable. She walked me through the process and did not hesitate to answer any of the 100 questions I asked. Very professional atmosphere and clean facility. I cannot wait to return to get my eyebrows touched up. Time to throw away my eyebrow pencil!

Ayanna C

My brows are my absolute favorite feature. I am very pleased with the service Audi provided for my brows. She is incredible. She immediately makes you feel safe and at ease. I wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you, Audi, for enhancing the beauty of my brows.

Yvonne Rodriguez

Certified Microblading Artist who specialize in 3D microblading, Shading and Tattoo corrections. Weoffer Mink Lash Services as Well as other Permanent Make-Up options. Give us a call today toscheduled your appointment!

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Kristjana has years of experience as a Customer Success and Marketing Manager in the Permanent Makeup industry. Her passion is to share information in a simple way in order to assist everyone in making well informed decisions about which treatment and PMU Artist to choose.