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Tram was the first and only lash tech I go to! She gives such a high quality service that can’t be beat — wherever I go I was always get compliments on my lashes because she truly does a spectacular job. She really cares and makes sure that you have the best quality eye lashes and length for your eyes. I honestly can never go back to not having extensions because of how Tram makes me feel with my extensions. Thank you Tram!

Paige Kulberg

Queen Ann Brow is a one stop shop for all your beauty needs!!! I get my lashes done here and Tram is truly the best!!! My lashes always look fantastic and I get so many compliments. Ive had two microdermabrasion facial packages done here too. My skin feels softer and looks better than ever!!! I love that she combines it with a massage too because i leave feeling so relaxed. Thanks Tram!!!

A Lynch

Tram is amazing! I have been looking for an eyelash technician for a long time that is clean, attentive to detail, punctual and reasonably priced. I moved to LA from Boston a couple years ago and found the price of aesthetic services out here to be astronomical! Tram is not only affordable but provides excellent service. My eyelashes come out consistently glamorous every time. I really love her work and highly recommend her


I love going to Tram for my eyelash extensions. I like very classic, natural looking eyelashes and she does them exactly how I ask. I get so many compliments too! I’ve been going to her exclusively for the past few months. Retention and quality is great. I’m able to get a fill every 3 week or so and that’s only because my natural eyelashes grow so quickly. She is also super friendly. Definitely recommend going to Tram for your eyelash extension!!

Melissa Castillo

Why Queen Ann Brow?Quynh- Anh is my daughter's middle name. I wanted to dedicate this part of my business to her because she is the inspiration for this business, that motivation bring me the strongest thought how to be successful in my life,  she is my part in achieving the success.Why Microblading?When I used to work for the airlines in Chicago, my co- workers asked me to do the eyebrows for them,  the smile on their face made me so happy.  The thought about how to bring beauty to women, that is my goal for life.

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