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"I LOVE my brows! I’ve followed the Six+Ait artists for a couple of years and knew this was the place for me. They do such consistent work, so when I reached out to Jessie I already felt comfortable. She did not disappoint! She explained every step along the way and is obviously super skilled and knowledgeable. My brows look incredibly natural and match perfectly. If you’re scared, don’t be! I highly recommend."

Rae W. (Rasheeda Williams)

"Lucy did my brows three years ago and I recently came back for a touch up! She is still the same warm and welcoming person back then! So accommodating and listens to you. I didn’t want my brows to be too dark and still look natural with some fullness and she delivered just that! My husband says it’s one of my best investments yet- wake up, wash up, and you don’t even have to worry about your uneven brows anymore! Lucy truly is one of the best and her slots fill up fast! She is definitely an artist and you can see her passion when she does it."

Irene Huang

"My micro blade appointment was back in November but I was waiting to post after my healing process! This was something I’d considered for a long time but was always afraid to go through with it, but Peaches made me feel so at ease through the whole process. You can tell all the artists at the studio are total pros at what they do. They explained every step along the way, why they advise a certain shape, and all the variables they have to consider when customizing brows for each client. They were so sweet and accommodating, it felt like visiting a friend. I already have pretty full brows but explained that I wanted them subtly enhanced with their professional mapping so that I don’t ever overpluck again. (I’ve come a far way from terribly thin brows years ago.) Peaches did exactly what I was looking for - natural brushstrokes that filled in all the right places. I was pleasantly surprised at how painless the micro blading was and how quickly I could go back to work the next day without anyone noticing any redness or swelling!"

Sydney Ng

5 Stars, they are amazing! I had considered micro-blading for some time because I never mastered the art of filling in brows and was tired of spending so much time on them. I researched a few places before a friend recommended Six + Ait from having a great experience with them. After looking into their work, I decided to go for it. I had my appointment in June with Lucy, who was fantastic. I was a bit nervous and unsure of the exact look I wanted but she was sooo patient and kind. She explained each step along the way and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. I was most concerned about the color because my hair is extremely dark and wanted to make sure my brows matched but also didn’t look too intense. I asked her for a full but natural look and she absolutely delivered! Their studio itself was so clean and lovely. I don’t know what kind of spray they use but the place smelled amazing lol. It’s been almost 2 months and the brows are looking great. I’ve saved so much time getting ready because I don’t have to fuss with my eyebrows anymore. If you are on fence about getting micro-bladed, I say GO FOR IT! If you’re like I was and tired of your brows looking more like more like distant cousins than sisters, do yourself a favor and head to Six + Ait!!!! Worth every damn penny!!

Diana C
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