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Angel is great at threading eyebrows and I highly recommend him! Having said that, I’ve had to move on… I’ve come here regularly, every two weeks, for many years. I wish they had a way to just schedule me for the rest of the year. Instead, I have to call every other week and make an appointment. Sometimes when I get there on time I’ve had to wait an additional 15 - 20 mins, even when I’ve made an appointment. On the other hand if I’m late by even 5 mins, they take someone else on and I’m potentially waiting even longer. I drive an hour to come here and I always have another appointment afterwards, so having to build in extra time because I’m not exactly sure when they’ll take me makes it difficult to schedule other appointments. This last visit was simply the final straw. I was 10 mins late for a 4:15 pm appointment (which rarely happens). They had two people ahead of me already. Unfortunately, I was not able to wait that long because I had another appointment. He did have a 6 pm slot available (I was willing to come back for it) but I was told that it was reserved for emergencies only. I admit that in this case I was the one late and that is on me. However, as a faithful client for many years, who is on-time, I would have hoped they could’ve helped me out in this case. Instead the front receptionist wanted me to come back the next day. That 6PM slot was not offered to me. I finally decided to take my business elsewhere when another place on Melrose took me in last minute at 6:15 pm. The new front receptionist at Sublime Eyes is not very good, in my opinion. She lacks the ability to think outside the box and doesn’t know how best to resolve issues. I get it, things happen, life happens, it’s not always going to go smoothly but at least act like you’re trying to help resolve the situation. Just take better care of your loyal clients.

Paul Budwal

Great work with my brows always. I come here from Culver City and they always manage to accommodate me as a walk in.

Christopher Scheimann

I occasionally come here bc its close to my house and they allow walk-ins, I like eyebrow threading bc its clean and looks natural, I also like getting my eyebrows shaped to make my life easier. I don't think it's too much to be able to walk into a studio and think these people know what their doing, and in the past I've had good experiences except today. The stylist should have taken the time to discuss with the me/client's what their looking for, I told her I wanted to clean them up and that she should follow my right side and to keep the arch. Yet she was careless about making sure they were even, and even the same shape. By the time she asked how I liked them the damage was done and she so rudely tried to tell me she can't put back what she takes out like I have no common sense. The current style is full and fluffy and yet I left with rancid 90's thin eyebrows, I don't know why these older women insist on using scissors to cut down hair so narrow, it's not the style, stop doing it. Now i have to spend more time in the mornings shaping them so they look half decent. Thank god my event isn't for a few more weeks and hopefully they'll be normal by then.


Just got my lashes done with extensions, and my brows threaded and microbladed by the amazing duo of Angel and Amir! Thanks you really saved my life! Also of note is that Nina’s facials are top notch and make my skin crisp, creamy and smooth all at the same time. The prices and artistry involved can’t be found anywhere else that I’ve seen, all in a convenient location. Although parking sucks but that’s most businesses in LA.

Cassandra Blakeslee

Sublime Eyes

A beauty salon with an iconic location in West Hollywood, California. Founded by beauty artist Angel Cisneros, Sublime Eyes specializes in the art of the eye, offering eyebrow micro blading and eyelash services from the ancient art of eyebrow threading to eyelash extensions permanent makeup, and micro current facials. We pride ourselves in excellence: in customer service, in technique and in the enhancement of the natural beauty each of our clients exude.

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