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I can’t say enough great things about Giovanna! She has been so patient with my brows. They were messed up by another artist. I was told I needed removal. After Giovanna saw them she said she could do correction instead of removal. Praise God I found her! She didn’t quit until my brows are perfect. She takes her time makes sur the color and shape are exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much!! No matter where I move to I will always come back to San Antonio to see Giovanna!

Erika Nova

I called asking about tattooing permanent concealer on my under eye dark circles and the woman I talked to was very honest with me about the procedure and upkeep. She recommended some other techniques as well. Extremely thankful for her honesty!

Kathryn Bayly

I took the permanent makeup and microblading course with Giovanna. She did an amazing job and was very thorough. I can not express how supportive and informative Giovanna was... she was so helpful and willing to answer all of my questions. Great training and Giovanna does beautiful work. 100% recommend The Skin and Permanent Make Up Institute.

Kimberly Lopez

I made an appt to have my eyeliner tattoo fixed that i had previously gotten about 6 years ago at another facility. It was pretty botched, a wing on one eye and a straight line on the other. someone told me it looked like my makeup was smeared it was embarrassing. I had an appt with Giovanna and it took almost two hours but it came out amazing!! She is so sweet, her hand was very gentle and her customer service was outstanding!! Nothing compared to my first experience! She was able to match both eyes and now that my eyes have healed i still love it! she was able to get very close to my lash life, fix my wing and make the overall experience a good one id definitely go back and would also recommend her!

Priscilla Coral

We continuously conduct research & training to bring you innovative products and services to deliver exceptional results and maximize health and wellness benefits. ​The ongoing improvement of our attentive team guarantees that our professional knowledge is at the forefront of the latest developments in beauty, health, and body care. Our staff are professionally trained experts in the latest techniques and products. Our service and dedication to our clients are unsurpassed. Every licensed and/or certified professional, at SPMI, is a master at his/her trade. Our main goal is to offer you a great experience with noticeable results. We can truly say that we have an amazing team. We take good care of each client as family.Thank you for trusting us!

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Kristjana has years of experience as a Customer Success and Marketing Manager in the Permanent Makeup industry. Her passion is to share information in a simple way in order to assist everyone in making well informed decisions about which treatment and PMU Artist to choose.