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Tarin is the BEST! I had previous microblading done by another provider that was painful and took forever! She not only shaped my brows into what I wanted, but she was also quick and I was comfortable the entire time. I get so many compliments on my brows. ๐Ÿ’— I've gone to her since 2019 and will continue to be a loyal client!

Stephanie Warden

I had always wanted to get my brows done and for so long I was scared to do it, but I found Tarin and she is the absolute best!! I canโ€™t explain how much I love my brows they look extremely beautiful and look so natural!! If you are thinking about doing it all I can say is DO IT!!!!! You wonโ€™t regret it๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Sierra Pipkin

I found Tarin on IG and have followed her for a couple yrs now. I knew I wanted to get them done to not have to deal with shading them in every day but I was always hesitant to take the leap. My husband decided to surprise me a week ago by booking my brow appt along with the mini hydra-facial and omg I wish I would have done this sooner. My face looked and felt amazing right after. My brows are still healing but I already absolutely love them. Tarin is amazing at what she does and made the process so easy and comfortable. I cannot wait for my touch up in a few weeks and to go back for the full glow up hydrafacial

Pamela Delacruz

Tarin is a Master at her craft. I love her work and energy! Iโ€™ve had both my brows and lips done by her and I love them

Allyson Gamboa

If I told you that I have a computer science degree & spent 6 years in the IT industry, would you believe me? WELL, BELIEVE IT! :) I am the classic case of climbing the corporate ladder only to be left with long hours, zero support and constant stress. Fun times, right? I knew that I needed to make a change to BE HAPPY. I found Microblading when it was new to the US and before Instagram was what it is today. I took the first certification course that I could find in Dallas (which was a joke!) & immediately hit the ground running. I worked my full time job & did brows on nights and weekends to build up my clientele. THEN, I moved back to San Antonio and had to start all over. This is when I decided that I needed to put 100% into it and started marketing and doing as many brows as I could. Fast forward to present day, almost 3 years later and I am in a studio that is big enough for multiple artists & to host my trainings. DREAM COME TRUE. I am passionate about brows & learning new permanent makeup techniques that I cannot wait to offer soon. TL Brow Bar is my baby & promise to make all your brow dreams come true, also. <3

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